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Derek and Susan welcome you to the Olive Boutique for the ultimate olive experience. See how olive oil is extracted. Taste a wide and innovative range of gourmet olives, extra virgin olive oils and olive pastes. Experience our sensuous range of body care products. Learn about the olive industry and the many uses of olives and olive oil, including their health and skin care benefits

The Olive Boutique is a proudly South African, Olive Oil, Olive and Vinegar Tasting Bar located in Riebeek Kasteel, in the Riebeek Valley. Over the past 20 years, the Valley has established itself as one of the primary olive oil and olive producing regions in South Africa. The Boutique has been part of this evolution.

Our operating philosophy is to facilitate the ongoing growth of independent artisanal producers and garagiste blenders within the olive industry in the Swartland Region.

We focus on enabling new industry entrants; developing micro, small and medium growers and processors; showcasing independent producers and educating end consumers in the taste, performance and health benefits of extra virgin olive oil and olive products.

We contract ‘mill’ olives. In days gone by olives were pressed to extract the oil. Today we mill olives (by malax and centrifuge) to extract extra virgin olive oil, which we rack and filter for local Valley and Swartland regional olive enthusiasts, hobbyists and emerging commercial olive farmers. We support new entrants, micro, small and medium sized olive growers with grove planting, management and harvesting guidance, olive pressing and oil blending, bottling and marketing services. Each season we select the finest olives from our customers’ groves to extract and blend our own garagiste Olive Boutique extra virgin olive oils.

Utilising local fruits, herbs and spices to complement the Mediterranean flavours of traditionally brine cured black and green olives; we produce an innovative, flavour infused, artisanal range of South African cured olives and olive pastes. These are complemented by locally produced fruit balsamic vinegars and traditional dipping sauces. Each season we bring in raw table olives from selected local farmers groves to make up starter or DIY olive curing kits with home curing recipes for hobbyists and new market entrants.

The tasting bar aims to grow the market for high quality extra virgin olive oil and table olives by offering tastings, workshops and tours. Interactive experience, accurate information, tastings and education change the way consumers understand the culinary, sensory and performance capabilities of olive oil and cured olive products. Each season we showcase the best of the Swartland independent garagiste Extra Virgin Olive Oil and artisanal cured olive products.

Together with other key Valley olive, wine and community stakeholders the Boutique plans, markets and participates in the annual Riebeek Valley Olive Festival (voted by the media as one of the three best food festivals in the Western Cape, South Africa), which celebrates award winning olive oils, cured olive products and wines from the Swartland region. Now the largest of its kind in Southern Africa, the Festival is hosted by the beautiful twin hamlets of Riebeek West and Riebeek Kasteel on the first weekend of May each year.


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